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Welcome to University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service Wiki. This wiki was created to be a resource to help educators, staff, and clients both within and outside of Wyoming. In Wyoming's Extension program, there is content available on countless topics. This is an attempt to pull it together using learning guides.

If you've collect information on an Extension topic, please develop a learning guide or update a guide with a link to your found resource. If you have materials that would be helpful to other extension educators, add them to the wiki. Basically, if you know of anything that might be useful to other Extension educators (including useful websites), this is the place to put it. I hope this wiki will be a venue where people can share ideas with one another.

This wiki is not run by any commercial entity and does not represent any commercial interests. For those wishing to use content in the wiki, the wiki itself (and all the content contained herein) is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons License. Please familiarize yourself with the license before using any of the content on your own site.

Anyone who wants to add to or edit topics on the wiki can do it. You don't need to ask before making a change -- this wiki belongs to the Wyoming Extension community and those who use it.

If you have any technical questions about the wiki, please contact its creator, Stan Skrabut. Questions about specific content in the wiki should be directed to that individual author.

Become a contributor

Just create an account on the wiki and let Stan Skrabut know that you want to be an editor.

When you register for this wiki, you can then add to your own user profile page. Please add your profile to the Wiki User List so we can all get to know each other!

If you want to see recent changes made to the wiki, visit Recent Changes. There is also an RSS Feed for the Recent Changes page...

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