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Description Linkedin is a powerful personal networking tool; part rolodex and part people finder.
Author(s) Stan Skrabut (skrabutTalk)
Email Stan Skrabut
Location Room 120
University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture
Phone 307-766-3722
Last Updated 26 October, 2010



LinkedIn is a professional networking contact management tool. With LinkedIn, users can manage connections and keep up to date on your network of contacts.


  • Homepage: The homepage is the dashboard to see what connections have been doing in their professional career. There are recommendations for new contacts. With applications such as the Amazon reading list, Trip It, and Slideshare Presentations, you can see the fruits of your connections' labor. More information
  • Profile: Your profile allows you to control your professional identity to the world. Here you can list your duties and responsibilities as well as your accomplishments. You also place your contact information here. More information
  • Jobs: If you are looking for a job or are in need of help, then LinkedIn has place where you can search for or post a job. Importantly, it will allow you to hone into the right position with the help of your connections. More information
  • Groups: Groups allow you to get involved in discussions on topics of a common interest. Groups also allow you to make contact with more people than what is listed in your contacts. More information
  • Answers: Do you have a problem to solve? Your connections and groups can be the source to your solution. You can ask questions to these groups and get answers, or you can search answers already given for inspiration. More information
  • Company Pages: Company pages provide valuable information about companies to include the company profile, key statistics, current employees, recent hires, recent promotions, and more. More information

Essential Requirements

LinkedInwill operate on most Web-browsers and requires little set up.


The only equipment needed is a computer, smart phone, or iPod with a Web browser.


Access to LinkedIn is accomplished through a Web-browser. These are the most common browsers:

LinkedIn can be reached at the following Website:

Other useful programs

Here is a list of useful programs to leverage LinkedIn to work with Outlook, Google Toolbar, and signature blocks.

Learning resources information

Reading List

Key Web links

Guides and Beginner Instructions

Here are a number of great guides to help you better understand LinkedIn and its capabilities.


Here are a number of ideas for leveraging LinkedIn in a business environment.

Getting Started

When start out with LinkedIn, there are a number of recommended steps to take. These links provide a wealth of information to get you started.


Here are a couple of links that discuss how to use LinkedIn with groups.


Job Searching

Here are some tips for job searching using LinkedIn.


Status Updates

These links discuss the use of status messages and how to review messages with LinkedIn Signal.

Tips for Using LinkedIn

Here is a great collection of tips for using LinkedIn to its fullest potential.


Video Tutorials

Here is a collection of videos that will help you understand and use LinkedIn.