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Description Blogging is a blend of "Web Log" It is way you can deliver news, information, and your opinion.
Author(s) Stan Skrabut (skrabutTalk)
Email Stan Skrabut
Location Room 120
University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture
Phone 307-766-3722
Last Updated 31 March, 2011



Blogs are Web-based pages for delivering news, opinions, and information. Blogs are written on an ever increasing number of subjects.

Entry to blogs are called posts and are similar to a syndicated news column. A blog typically focuses on one subject and is updated on a regular basis with the most recent post appearing at the top of the page. Depending on how the blog owner sets up the page, posts may appear in isolation or with other posts.

There are many different blogging programs available each with their own features. You can maintain a blog on a public site or host it on your own server. If you host your own blog, you will have more control of features and functionality.

Essential Requirements

The Turning Technologies clickers will work on a Mac or PC computer with a USB port. You must also have the Turning Technologies receiver and transmitters (clickers). TurningPoint response can also be capture from mobile devices and laptops with ResponseWare.


Software for both Windows and the Mac can be found at the TurningPoint upgrade site.

Learning resources information

Reading List

Here are a number of articles and books worth reading on the use of clickers.

Key Web links

Guides and Beginner Instructions

Here are a number of great guides to help you better understand blogs and their capabilities.


Here are a number of great ideas for using blogs in a education environment.

Video Tutorials

Here is a collection of videos that will help you understand and use blogs.