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Uploading videos

In order to upload videos, you must first have an account. Here are the steps you need to upload your video. Once the video is uploaded, you will be able to edit a couple of the settings.

1. Log into

2. Click on the Upload link at the top of the page.

3. Either click on the Upload video button to locate a video or drag a video and drop it on the page.


4. Once the video starts uploading, complete the rest of the form starting with the title of the video.

5. Enter a description of the video.

6. Add appropriate tags to help locate the video during a search.

7. Choose a category for your video.

8. Decide if the video will be public, unlisted, or private.

9. Decide if you will apply the normal YouTube license or Creative Commons.

10. Finally, click on the Save changes button.


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