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  • Computer with Web Browser
  • Internet


discussion - A page associated with a page where visitors can discuss contents surrounding a page's topics..

main page - also known as the home page. Typically the first page a visitor sees.

page - A page contains the content for a specific piece of content.

Wiki - "A wiki is a website which allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor." [1]


Ideas for using Wiki to Support Informal Learning

  • Subscribe to channels – You can stay current on areas of interest by subscribing to channels. When a video is uploaded, you will be alerted to new content.

Ideas for using Wiki to Support Education

  • Class lecture notes – Rather than hand out lecture notes, have the class build them as a collaborative effort.
  • Build course glossary - Have students build a course glossary covering new terms used in a course.
  • Build a course textbook - Start the term by having students build an outline in a wiki, then have students flesh out details to create their own textbook.
  • Organize events or projects - Use a wiki to build a curriculum, prepare for a conference, and detail projects.
  • Edit and create Wikipedia articles - Have students contribute to Wikipedia by editing existing articles and creating new articles.
  • Develop a living technology guide - Have students build pages to help others use technology.
  • Write a textbook - Wikis are useful tools for developing a textbook.
  • Collect research from the public - Looking for input from the public on a research project, consider using a wiki.
  • Create a Frequently Asked Question site - Have students ask questions on a wiki, where other students can answer the questions.
  • Student feedback - Create site where students can provide feedback on a course.
  • Group projects - Use a wiki for students to work on group projects.

Ideas for using Wiki to Support Business

  • Let others see you make things – Do you make things as a part of your business? If so, create videos and post them to let others see how you do it.

Useful Additional Resource

Here is a learning developed by the University of Wyoming.

Learning Guide:Wiki

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