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Organize photos in sets

Once you have images uploaded to Flickr, you may want to organize them in sets or photo albums. You can add photos to sets when you upload them, or your can do it after you upload them. Here is the process for adding images to sets after you upload them:

1. Log into Flickr and click on the Organize & Create link.


2. Drag images from your photo stream onto the area provided.


3. Click on the Add to set drop down menu and then select either New set or Existing Set.


4. If selecting New set, rename the set and click on the Save button.

Sharing your set with others

1. To show your set off to others, go to the main Flickr page by clicking on the Flickr icon. The select You from the main menu.


2. Click on Your Sets link.


3. Double click on the set that you wish to share.


4. Copy and paste the URL for the page and share with others, or use the Share tools provided on the screen.


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