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Save a Web site as a bookmark

The power of the Diigo Toolbar is saving Web pages that you find useful. Here are the steps to saving a Web page with the Diigo toolbar.

1. Navigate to the page that you wish to save.

2. Click on the Diigo toolbar icon.

3. Click on the Bookmark button.

4. Adjust the title (optional).

5. Determine if it is private, read later or cached (optional).

6. Enter a description note (optional). While optional, this can be useful for understanding what attracted you to this site.

7. Enter tags to help categorize the link (highly recommended).

8. Add to a list (optional).

9. Click on Save button. NOTE: The bookmark should now be red, and there should be a red “bookmark” on your Diigo icon.

10. When you go to your Diigo library, in this case, you will see your item listed.