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Answering a Question

Answering a question is a straight forward process. Here are the steps:

1. Log into


2. Click on the title of the question or the question itself. If you received the question as part of an email message, you can also click on the question in the message.


Example of an email with a question.

3. If you planning to reassign the question, see instructions below; otherwise, click on the Send an Answer button.


Note: You can also reject the question or close it. You will be asked for justification.

4. Enter an answer in the text box provided, upload images if necessary, and update your signature block if appropriate. Once complete, click on the Send Reply button.


Reassigning a Question

If you have received a question but are not the best person to answer the question, you can reassign it.

The more information associated with the question, the better you can make a match for an expert to answer it. Locations and Tags help to narrow the field. You can add tags to a question to help find a better match before reassigning the question.

Steps for reassigning a question.

1. Go to the specific question.

2. Click on the Reassign button.


3. Using the matrix created by location and tags, narrow down an expert to reassign the question to. Click on individual's name or a group name.


4. Click on the button Assign to....


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