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Service Owner

Steve Miller

Service Description

Written Communications promotes the efforts of faculty and professional staff members through dissemination of information in the College of Agriculture, University of Wyoming Extension, and throughout Wyoming and the region.

Information is distributed through publications outlined below and through stories sent to the media. We realize not everyone is comfortable writing for the print, electronic, or Internet media, and we offer our services. We interview in-person, by telephone, and via e-mail. Media releases are distributed through every newspaper and radio media outlet in Wyoming and through agricultural-oriented publications in the state and region. For localized events, releases can also be sent to specific media in an area.

Written Communications also offers graphic design services to enhance the look of your program brochures and educational materials.


Ag News -- Published three times a year, highlights research and educational and outreach programs conducted by University of Wyoming Extension and College of Agriculture faculty and staff members and emphasizes the diversity of the college's and Extension programs.

Extension Connection -- Is a yearly feature magazine that highlights programs and people involved in the outreach mission of the UW Extension.

Reflections -- A yearly magazine that highlights research and the educational and outreach programs conducted by University of Wyoming College of Agriculture and University of Wyoming Extension faculty and staff members.

Agademics -- The College of Agriculture's monthly online publication features people and programs making a difference in the college and University of Wyoming Extension.

Barnyards & Backyards -- A quarterly magazine that is part of a larger project that includes workshops, a Web site, and other educational opportunities for Wyoming landowners.

Our office is also the conduit through which submissions from extension professionals are published as bulletins for general dissemination and placed on the University of Wyoming Extension Publications Web page.


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