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eXtension is an interactive learning environment delivering the best, most researched knowledge from the smartest land-grant university minds across America. eXtension connects knowledge consumers with knowledge providers - experts who know their subject matter inside out. is divided into two key sites: external and internal

External Site

The Public (External) Side of eXtension—

Since most people use search engines to find answers, they will usually enter eXtension through a landing page, and explore further if the information they find meets their needs. This site has a number of content areas to include recent articles that have been published. The site has these additional sub areas:

  • About eXtension
  • Resources developed through Communities of Practice
  • News as posted in the Communities of Practice
  • Articles as posted by the Communities of Practice
  • Ask an Expert questions and answers
  • Learning Lessons

The external site also has a robust search engine yielding content across the site.

Internal Site

The internal usage site of actually consists of a number of components or site. Some of the sites are open to the general public while a few are password protected and accessible only to professionals associated with Extension systems nationwide (including Master Gardeners and other volunteers). Anyone with access can add information or make changes in the content creation tools.

On each of the different sites, there are links to the other sites.



This is one of the first places to start. On the site, you can establish your eXtension ID, join Communities of Practice and maintain your profile information.

More information on People


About is the home page for the internal site can can be found at At the top of the page, there are links to all the major components of This page also lists featured news, latest blog posts and quick links all relevant to professional extension staff.

More information on About

Content Management System (Create)

The content management system (CMS) is where a majority of the content is created for the site. This site can can be found at This page provides access to two major pieces of the site: the create home page and groups pages. On the home page, you can see information relevant to all extension staff as well as activity in your groups. When click on a group in which you have membership, you can then edit content for that particular group. Content may include articles, FAQs, and news.

More information on CMS

Learn provides a list of past and future Webinar sessions. Any extension staff member can create a session and advertise it on this site. There is a schedule of professional development webinars, as well as a list of recordings of eXtension webinars.

More information on Learn

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert is a processing queue where questions from clientele come in and extension experts answer them. Extension expert can set preferences for the types of questions that they wish to answer. Special Web page widgets can be added to Web sites to prefilter questions, e.g., the widget for Wyoming helps to identify Wyoming related questions. The Ask an Expert site can be found at

More information on Ask an Expert


The Campus part of the site includes a variety of courses on eXtension, national Extension issues, using Moodle, and specific content topics. The Campus site can be found at

More information on Campus


The Cooperative Extension Search site is a custom Google search of all Cooperative Extension web sites. The search site can be found at

More information on Search

Getting Started

Here are the recommended steps for getting started as member of the extension staff:

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