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Description Flickr is Web-based site dedicated to sharing photos with others.
Author(s) Stan Skrabut (skrabutTalk)
Email Stan Skrabut
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University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture
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Last Updated 11 February, 2012



Flickr is Web-based site dedicated to uploading, organizing, and sharing photos with others.

With Flickr, you can organize your photos in sets and collections. Sets only contain photos and collections contain multiple sets and or collections. You can favor the photos of others in galleries. Each is a great way to share photos.

Each photo uploaded has its own privacy setting. You can share photos with the public through the public setting or restrict them to family, friends, or just you. Flickr allows you to set a default privacy setting.

You can conduct searches through Flickr's public library for images. Additionally, you can create and participate in groups to share and view photos focusing on a common interest.

Images can be marked with creative commons licensing to make it easier to use in derivative projects.

Flickr is a powerful tool for collecting your photos.

Essential Requirements

In order to use Flickr, you will need at a minimum a Web browser. However, you can reach its full potential through the installation of applications to your Web browser, desktop, iPad, and phone.

Flickr can be found at


The only required equipment is a device to access the Internet. This can be a phone, iPad, or computer.


While special software is not needed for Flickr usage, some products make it more convenient to upload photos. These software applications can be found at Flickr downloads.

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Guides and Beginner Instructions

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