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Updating your YouTube channel

A channel is your personal page or a page for an organization where you would display the videos you have uploaded or added to playlists. You can customize your channel with a background and color scheme, as well as control what information and features you want to display. Your channel has five primary update functions: Post Bulletin, Settings, Themes and Colors, Modules, and Videos and Playlists.

  • Post Bulletin – When you post a bulletin, it will post a bulletin message to your channel page as well as to your subscribers’ and friends’ homepages. To update the Post Bulletin status, click on the Post Bulletin tab from your channel page, enter a message, and click on the Post Bulletin button.
  • Settings – When selecting the Settings tab from your channel page, you have the ability to update the title of your channel, changing the privacy of your channel, updating tags to help search engines, and helping others find your channel by your email address. Again, Save Changes when you are done.
  • Themes and Colors – This tab will allow you to change the look of your channel. There are 10 themes already created and ready to be used; however, under the show advance options link, you can make individual adjustments to the theme or even upload a background image.
  • Modules – This tab allows you to pick and choose the different modules that you want to display on your page. The different modules include: Ask your audience, friends, recent activity, comments, moderator, subscribers, event dates, other channels, and subscriptions. Once the modules are on your page, you can rearrange them through buttons in the upper right corner of each module.
  • Videos and Playlists – With this tab, you can decide what video content you want to display such as My Uploaded Videos, My Favorites, Playlists, and All. You also decide upon the layout, featured content, and autoplay featured video. Finally, you can choose which playlists you want to display.

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