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  • Computer with Web Browser
  • Internet
  • Video camera (Optional)
  • Mobile device with a YouTube application (optional)


Channel - a channel is your home location on YouTube where you upload movies and manage your playlists. You can customize a channel to serve your purposes.

Playlist - a playlist is a collection of videos normally focusing around a specific topic or theme. You can add personal videos to a playlist or include videos from another individual's video collection.


Ideas for using YouTube to Support Informal Learning

  • Subscribe to channels – You can stay current on areas of interest by subscribing to channels. When a video is uploaded, you will be alerted to new content.
  • Solve a problem – Search for videos to help you solve a problem.
  • Search for videos to learn something new or a better way – YouTube has millions and millions of videos on countless topics, it is a great resource for learning something new.
  • Improve your craft by watching others do it – Video is a great way to observe someone else demonstrate a skill or method.

Ideas for using YouTube to Support Business

  • Let others see you make things – Do you make things as a part of your business? If so, create videos and post them to let others see how you do it.
  • Upload your commercial spots or corporate videos – Did you just finish creating a commercial, if so post it for others to see.
  • Show others how to do something – Create an instructional video on how to use your products or the benefit of your products.
  • Share your unique information or history – Give people a behind the scenes tour of your business, share some history of your business, or provide bios of your employees and owners. Why are you passionate about what you do?
  • Demonstrate one of your products – Show others how easy it is to use one of your products, or how successful your products are. This can be used to also support your customer service team.
  • Market your expertise – Market your expertise by showing interviews with key executives, capturing your executives giving presentations, video profiles.
  • Deliver company news – Do you have a new product? Ensure you are displaying through a video at the same time you are issuing a press release.
  • Train your employees – Use YouTube videos to help train your employees.

Useful Additional Resource

Here is a learning developed by the University of Wyoming.

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