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Uploading and inserting images into a Wiki page

Inserting and using a image in a wiki page is a two step process. First, you must upload the image then you can embed it in the page. This also applies to other media such as video and audio files.

Upload images and files

Here are the steps for uploading an image.

1. Log into the Wiki.

2. Click on the Upload file link found in the Toolbox section of the page.


3. Click on the Choose file button to select a file to upload. Once selected, add a description, and click on the Upload file button.


Important: Resize your images before uploading them. There is not a resizing capability in this installment of MediaWiki. 500 pixels is a good size for the horizontal.

Embed images

Here are instructions for embedding images on your wiki page.

1. Once the image has been uploaded, navigation to the page where you want to embed the image.

2. Edit the page. See Editing text in a Wiki page for more details.

3. At the point where you want to place the image, insert the following text:

  • [[Image:Image name]] Note: Image name is the actual file name of your image such as Wiki08.png.
  • Here is an example: [[Image:Wiki08.png]]
  • Here is an example for just creating a link to an image: [[:Image:Wiki08.png]] You simply include a colon before the word Image, e.g., My Image.
  • The word File can be used instead of Image.

Here are more image examples and information.

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