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Adding pages to categories on a wiki page

Categories are an automatic indexing system. If you want to have a page indexed, you must include it in a category. Fortunately, this is a simple process.

Creating a Category

At the end of a page, include a link to a category. For example, to add this page to the Wikis category, I would include the following tag to the bottom of my page [[Category:Wikis]].

Adding multiple categories

If you wanted to index the page to multiple categories, you would have to include a separate category link on separate lines on the bottom of the page. For example:




It would look like this:


Linking to a category

If you want to link to a category, insert a colon before the word Category, e.g., [[:Category:Wikis]] or [[:Category:Wikis|Wikis]]

This would give you these results: Category:Wikis or Wikis

Category Page

Here is an example of a category index page.


Here are more category examples and information.

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