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Sending a Tweet

Sending a message using the Twitter interface is a simple process. When sending a Tweet, you can also upload an image or indicate your location by selecting the respective icons. Here are the steps for sending a Tweet from

1. Log into

2. Fill in the status field under the words What’s happening?


3. Click on the Tweet button.

Retweeting a message

Retweeting a message is reserved for forwarding interesting messages that you believe your followers would enjoy.

1. Log into

2. Find a message you want to forward and pass your mouse over the message to see the retweet icon.


3. Click on the retweet icon for the respective message.

4. When the Retweet dialog box appears, click on the Retweet button.


Replying to a message

Part of the power of Twitter is to enter into a dialogue with others. Here are the steps for replying to a message in

1. Log into

2. Find a message you want to reply to and pass your mouse over the message to see the reply icon.


3. Click on the Reply icon for the respective message.

4. Add your message in the Reply dialog box, and then click on the Tweet button.


Sending a Direct Message

There are times when you want to send a Tweet directly to an individual but do not want the rest of the world to see it. In these cases, you can direct message a fellow Twitterer. They must be following you and you must be following them for direct messaging to work. Here are the steps to send a direct message.

1. Log into

2. Find a user you want to direct message and click on their user account and their profile will appear.


3. Click on the button with the image of an envelope, this is for direct messaging.

4. Enter your message in the respective status box and click on the Send button.


Message Types

It is possible to craft messages without using the tools within Twitter. This can be useful if you are using some other tool than Twitter. Here are examples of different messages:

Reply @wolfyworld Here is a test reply message.

Retweet RT @wolfyworld: Higher Ed Live via @higheredlive

Direct Message D wolfyworld Here is a test direct message.

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