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Creating a Twitter Account

In order to send Tweets, you must have a Twitter account. Once you have a Twitter account, it can be added and integrated into countless other sites. Here are the steps for creating a Twitter account:

1. Go to

2. Complete the Full Name, E-mail, and Password fields, then click on Sign Up button.


3. On the next page, select a username. Because you will always be working within 140 character limit, keep your username short but memorable. Once you select a username, click on the Create my account button.


4. Twitter will then begin an interactive tutorial, select Next button to continue. The first screen explains about a Tweet.

5. The next screen encourages you to follow five Twitter users. Select Follow next to the names to follow the individuals presented, or you can skip this step by clicking on the respective link.

6. The next step is to research and start following based on favorite brands and people. This is a great way to start finding people to follow. Again, you can skip this step.

7. In this step, you are encouraged to find and follow people who are listed in your various address books such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & Messenger, AOL, and LinkedIn. This is a recommended step because you are already following these people in one manner or another.


8. You are now done creating an account.

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