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Creating Lists

Twitter lists are a great way to filter your Twitter feeds to a group of individuals on a specific topic. The process to create and add people to your lists is easy and powerful as a learning tool. Your lists can be public or private. If they are public, others can benefit from what you are learning. Here are those procedures:

Creating a New List

1. Click on the Home tab at the top of the Twitter site.

2. Click on the Lists dropdown list under the What’s Happening? status field.

3. Click on the Create a new list link.

4. Enter a list name, description, and determine if the list is public or private. Once done, click on Save List.

You can edit the list after the fact, but it is best to leave it alone once created.

Adding People to Your Lists

1. Find a user you want to add to a list and click on their user account and their profile will appear.


2. Click on the button with the image of a person and a down pointer, a dropdown menu will appear.

3. Click on Add to List.

4. Select the list(s) you wish to add the person to. NOTE: You do not need to be following them.

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