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Subscribing to an RSS Feed

When you subscribe to a feed, you are intending that you wish to receive updates when the blog or news site adds new blog posts or content to a site. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using Google Reader, although other RSS feed aggregators will work just as well. There are two normal methods for subscribing; manually or with automated scripts provided by the site.

Subscribing manually to an RSS feed

1. Find a site that to which you wish to subscribe. You will will be looking for the common RSS icon Rss 32.png. As an example, I will be subscribing to University of Wyoming Extension News page.

2. Locate the RSS feed. In this case, it is the side menu bar, and there is no icon just text.


3. Click on the link provided. You may have a page that has XML code on it, as this one does.


4. Copy the URL from the browser address bar. In this example, it is

5. Log in to Google Reader

6. Click on the Subscribe button.


7. Paste in URL and click on the Add button.


8. Done, now it is a matter of organizing your new feed.

Subscribing through an automated script to an RSS feed

In this case, I plan to subscribe to the 21st Century Collaborative.

1. Go to the page to which you want to subscribe.

2. Find the RSS feed link. In this case, I am looking for the + Google button.


3. Click on the button.

4. You will have a choice to Add to Google homepage or Add to Google Reader. Select the Add to Google Reader button.


5. Finally, Click on the Subscribe button.


6. You are now subscribed to the RSS feeds.

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