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Individual Instruction

Individualized instruction is a method of instruction in which content, instructional technology (such as materials) and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interests of each individual learner. [1]

There are many different methods for providing instruction to learners. These methods can include:

Employee Resources Library

One of the methods for supporting employees and their informal learning is with a corporate library. The University of Wyoming Extension has an extensive resources library. Employees can review the list at this URL:

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems are another method for distributing learning content to employees. The University of Wyoming Extension uses Moodle as a learning management system.

Video Tutorials

Developing a video tutorial library is another great way to help others learn how to do something. The library can be created by creating videos in house and uploading them to YouTube, or play lists can be created in YouTube.

Wiki Learning Guides

Learning guides are invaluable resources for helping others develop skills. [2] Learning guides can be simply lists of resources to help learners step off on the right path. Learning guides are needed to help learners as they learning on their own, in class, or in counseling sessions. [3]

Job Aids

Job aids, software reminders, etc. are there to help support memory; it is not possible to remember everything. [4], [5] Job aids can be pushed out to users depending on the situation. Job aids help an individual where they need it most, while performing a task. Job aids can be made available online to be used immediately or downloaded.

Organizational Support

There are a number of ways in which organizations can support individual instruction: [6], [2]

  • Recognize instruction completion in performance reviews.
  • Reimburse learners for expenses incurred for individual instruction.
  • Recognize learning achievements.
  • Make learning a job requirement.


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