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Uploading images through application

Flickr has an application for your computer from which you can upload images.

Install application

1. Go to and download and install the application.

2. Start application and sign in using the Sign In button.


3. For the first time you use this application, you will have to give Flickr permission to access your account. Copy the URL provided and paste it in your web browser.


4. Respond to the message "If you arrived at this page because you specifically asked Flickr Uploadr to connect to your Flickr account, click here:" by clicking on the associated Next button.


5. Click on the OK, I'll Authorize It button.


6. You can now begin to use the application by going back to the application and clicking on the Ready button.


Upload photos

1. Start application and sign in using the Sign In button.

2. Drag and drop photos onto the application in the area provided.


3. Select photos and change the associated attributes as well as add them to sets. Finally, click on the Upload button.


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