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Share photos to a blog

In order to share your photos to a blog, you must first establish a connection between your blog and FLickr.

1. Log into Flickr and click on the You link.


2. Next click on the Your account link.


3. Click on the Sharing & Extending link.


4. Click on the More sites link and then your blog type link.


5. Update the fields provided, and click on the Next button.

Sharing to your blog

1. To send a picture to your blog, simply find one of your pictures and click on the Share button.


2. Select your blog link.


3. Fill out the title, text for post, and click on the Post button.


Emailing to your blog

You can also email photo to Flickr and have it posted to your Blog at the same time. First, you must set up the blog to be updated via email.

1. Go to and update the fields provided. Once done, click on the Save button.


2. You now have a new address to email images to your blog.


NOTE: When you upload photos by email, use the subject line to give your photo or video a title, and the body of the email to give it a description.

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