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  • Computer with Web Browser
  • Internet
  • Mobile Application (optional)


set - A set is a collection of photos.

collection - A collection is a grouping of sets or other collections. Available to pro accounts only.

gallery - A gallery is a grouping of up to 18 photos or videos from other people. These are specific images from others that you wish to highlight.

favorites - A favorite is an image by another person that you wish to bookmark.

group - A group is a place where more than one individual can post photos.


Ideas for using Flickr to Support Informal Learning

  • Become a better photographer – Post photos to Flickr and learn from the critiques. Challenge yourself with different photo exercises.
  • Use Flickr for inspiration - Search through Flickr for personal inspiration.
  • Photo a day - Attempt a photo a day activity, and see what you can learn about yourself.

Ideas for using Flickr to Support Education

  • Put together virtual field trips – If you are out visiting a notable site, capture the images to flickr, add captions, and share them with students.
  • Collect photos for presentations - Capture images to be used in handouts, Websites, and presentations supporting your topic of instruction.
  • Build topical collections - Collect and organize photos into topics that can be referenced by students.
  • Critique student photos - Create a group where students can post photos and critique each others work.
  • Student image portfolios - Students can use Flickr to develop portfolios and show off their work.
  • Create a photo story - Show a process by building a photo story where each photo shows part of the process.
  • Critique paintings and images - Upload an image and have students critique or comment on the photo.
  • Document projects over time - Take pictures of a project during different phases to show growth over time.
  • Annotate nomenclature - Using notes, you can highlight the nomenclature of an object from art work to architecture.

Ideas for using Flickr to Support Business

  • Event photos - Use Flickr to highlight the activities of events you sponsor.
  • Highlight your brand - Capture images of your product or service in action.
  • Catch employees doing good - Highlight employees, they then feel more appreciated.
  • Integrate your sites - Directly connect your Flickr site to your main Website. Also, have your Flickr site automatically post to Twitter, Facebook, and your blog.
  • Encourage reuse - Encourage others to share your content.

Ideas for using Flickr to Non-Profits

  • Photograph your needs - Provide visual imagery focusing on the needs or services you have.
  • Photo contest - Hold a photo contest and feature photos of those who contribute to the group.
  • Document impact - Document the impact of your services as they are applied.

Useful Additional Resource

Here is a learning developed by the University of Wyoming.

Learning Guide:Flickr

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