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Creating a new blog post

Blog posts are the heart of your blog, fortunately, they are easy to create. Blog posts are short essays that are listed in chronological order with the most current post typically at the top of the page. Blog posts can be further delineated through the use of categories and tags. Categories are topic areas under which you would list your blog post. Tags are keywords used to make searching for a blog post easier. Here are the steps for creating a new post:

1. Log in as an administrator for your site, and go to the dashboard.

2. Click on Posts and then Add New from the left hand menu.


3. Enter a title for post, content, add categories as appropriate, and add tags for your post. You have the option of publishing immediately or publishing an article automatically in the future. Additionally, you can save the post as a draft to work on it later, or you can publish it by selecting the Publish button.


Other media such as images, audio files, documents, and videos can be added to a blog post to enhance it. For more details, check out adding media to posts.

The content window has a toolbar that will allow you to format the text in your post.


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