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Adding media to a blog post

When you are creating a blog post, you may want to add a video clip, audio file, document, or image to a blog post. These procedures apply while you are working on a blog post or page. Here are the steps for adding media to a blog post or page:

1. Either start the procedures for adding a blog post or adding a blog page.

2. First click, in your content window to place the cursor where you want your media to be placed.

3. Click on Upload/Insert link above the content window toolbar.


4. Drag a file onto the Add Media dialog box that appeared.


5. The dialog box will expand so that you can provide information about your file. In the case of an image, complete the fields for title, alternate text, caption, and description. Decide upon alignment and size. Once complete, click on the Insert into Post button.


The process is similar for other file types.

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