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The search engine customized by allows you to search through all resources provided by and many of the Cooperative Extension web sites provided by your Land-Grant institutions.

There are three important functions that you can do on this portion of the site: conduct a search, add a search box to your site, and add a resource URL to the search engine.

Conducting a search

Conducting a search is perhaps the task you will do most often. The process is rather straight forward.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a search query in the field provided and click on the Search button.

Note: The search query can be filtered for your institution by adding a colon followed by a space and the name of your institution. For example, a search for tree pruning can be restricted to University of Wyoming resources by changing the query to

tree pruning: university of wyoming.

Here is a video on how to conduct a search.

<youtube v="qK8sXwuD30o" />

Adding search box to Web page

If you want to have access to the great content put out by Cooperative Extension across the nation, you can add a search box to your Web site or Google homepage. Here are instructions for both methods:

Adding a resource to the search engine

When adding this note, the search site was accessing 1,012 Cooperative Extension sites. However, as time goes on, more resources are being added to newly developed sites. Extension personnel with eXtension IDs can add resources to the search engine by going to the search engine management site. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. First conduct a search for the domain that you wish to add, e.g., or
  3. If the site does not exist, then you can add it in the field provided. Use asterisks to include subdomains.

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