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Finding questions to be answered

Before you can answer a question, you must first a question the you can answer. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. By adjusting your settings, and being willing to answer questions, you can be sent questions automatically meeting your specifications. The other method is to go to the Ask an Expert site and review unanswered questions.

Responding to Ask and Expert email messages

You may receive an email from Ask an Expert for a variety of reasons.

  1. You may automatically receive a question to answer based on the settings you entered in your Ask an Expert preferences.
  2. A Question Wrangler may have matched you with a question, and assigned you a question.
  3. You may have been forwarded a question because you are the best fit.

To answer a question received in an email, simply select click on the question or question title in the message.

For more on actually answering the question, go to Answering a question or referring it to another individual.

Reviewing Ask an Expert Site

Once on the Ask an Expert site, there are many ways to find questions that you wish to answer. One important things to note is that when you change the filter settings, the settings will be remembers for subsequent visits.

When you go to the Ask an Experts site, if you are signed in, you will actually go to the AaE Experts portion of the site at The first view you will receive is the Unanswered questions view. This view can be changes by using the different features of the page. This image shows a list of features:


  1. Unanswered questions
  2. Answered questions
  3. Groups
  4. Search
  5. Number of questions assigned
  6. Filter for locations. (When a state is selected, an option for selecting counties will appear)
  7. Filter for Groups that you are in
  8. Filter for Tags that you have in your profile

Finding unanswered questions

To review unanswered questions, follow these steps:

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Adjust the filters to locate questions you wish to answer. The filter work in combination. If you set a Location filter and a Tag filter, only questions meeting both conditions will be shown.

To see all unanswered questions in the system, set the filters to All locations, All groups, and All tags.

For more on actually answering the question, go to Answering a question or referring it to another individual.

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