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Ask an Expert

Askanexpert.png The Ask an Expert system is one of the key tools for Extension educators and specialists across the nation. Through Web sites and widgets, individuals enter questions which are in turn answered by subject matter experts. Experts are often alerted to new questions via email. The Ask an Expert can be reached at and requires an account.

Because the Ask an Expert system is rather complex, this page will be broken down in sub topics.

Ask an Expert is a powerful tool for communicating with the citizens of Wyoming.

Through a widget on the University of Wyoming Extension Web site, citizens can ask questions. There is a both a link on the menu bar as well as callout on the side of the page.

Assignment of questions

The AaE system assigns incoming questions from our public site based on Tags, Location, Groups, and User Workload. When more than one expert is available, the question is given to the user with the fewest assigned questions. Questions are matched to experts based on the following criteria:

  • matching Tags and Locations
  • matching Tags
  • matching Locations (by county if available, then state)
  • matching Ask eXtension Group Widget.

To be matched for a question, it is important that you update your Ask an Expert settings. You can learn more at Setting AAE preferences.

If none of the above criteria are met, then a question is assigned to an Ask an Expert question wrangler. Your Ask an Expert settings will help the question wrangler find a good match.

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