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Wyoming State 4-H Foundation awards $69,000 to state’s youths

4-H logoMore than $33,000 in new scholarships has been awarded to Wyoming 4-H’ers by the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation.

In addition, foundation director Steve Mack said past Ella E. Schloredt scholarship recipients with a grade point average of at least 3.0 are eligible to continue receiving the scholarship for up to four years. Fifteen continuing scholarships were awarded, ranging from $1,750 to $2,200 for the fall 2016 academic year.

In total, 4-H youths attending the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college were awarded over $69,000 in scholarships for the coming school year, said Mack.

The Wyoming State 4-H Foundation over the past 20 years has given between $45,000 and $69,000 annually to 4-H-ers for college scholarships.

“This total will be over $1,000,000 in just the past 20 years,” said Mack.

The ability to provide for a family, donate within a community and contribute to society at large is enhanced when higher levels of education are achieved, said Johnathan Despain, Wyoming 4-H Program director.

“If 4-H can assist in reducing barriers that may preclude youths from getting education or engaging in learning, then we try to do our part,” he said.

Whether $300 or $1,750, a few hundred dollars can be the difference between being able to get an education or not, Despain said.

“Tuition is the bulk of the cost of an education, but housing, food, books and required fees and equipment tend to be breaking points for students who are tight financially,” he said. “Three hundred dollars can pay a month’s worth of food or a third of the cost for books for a semester. Every piece supports the opportunities.”

Scholarships and first-time recipients by county are:

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Wyoming State 4-H Foundation announces $62,000 in scholarships

4-H logoMore than $62,000 in scholarships has been awarded for the 2014-2015 academic year by the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation.

Approximately $30,000 was awarded to first-time winners. Students from the University of Wyoming and Wyoming community colleges will receive monetary support toward continuing their education.

Previous winners of the Ella Scholoredt scholarship with a grade point average of atleast 3.0 are eligible for up to four years. Sixteen continuing scholarships were awarded ranging from $1,500 to $2,500.

The following are separated by scholarship, county and in no particular order:

 Ella E. Schloredt continuing awards

Albany – McKensie Harris, $2,200; Atussa Niswender, $1,500

Campbell – Hannah Gorman, $2,000

Goshen – Alexandra Howell, $1,900; Taylor Wollert, $2,000; Aleighica Keeran, $1,750

Johnson – Jordan Largent, $1,500

Laramie – Jacob Berg, $2,000; Shelby Kindsvater, $1,750; Cortney Robertson, $1,900

Natrona – Mackenzie McCoy, $2,000

Niobrara – Zachary Stephens, $1,750

Sublette – Jenny Beiermann, $2,200; Emilee Sims, $2,000

Teton – Kyle Brimeyer, $1,500

Washakie – Landan Doyle, $1,900

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Wyoming State 4-H Foundation awards $28,000 in first-time scholarships

More than $28,000 in scholarships has been awarded to first-time recipients by the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation, according to foundation director Steve Mack.

The first-time awards are in addition to more than $36,000 in continuing scholarships being used by previous recipients, he said. Scholarship amounts can increase dependent upon scholarship progress and grade point average.

First-time recipients by scholarship and county are:

Ella E. Schloredt ($1,750)

Taylor Hammer, Eagle, Colo.; Hannah Gorman, Campbell; Alexandra Howell, Taylor Wollert, Goshen; Jordan Largent, Johnson; Rebel Rauterkus, Lincoln; Landan Doyle, Washakie.

Wyoming 4-H Foundation ($1,250)

Caitlin Harris, Platte; Ty Malone, Uinta

Lael Harrison ($1,000)

Jaimie Lee, Fremont; Aleighica Keeran, Goshen;

Janie Smith (Laramie County – $1,000)

Kelley Fisher, Laramie

Farmhouse Foundation ($1,000)

Lane Robinson, Johnson

Edna Mae and Wallace McClaflin ($1,000)

Tawny Bugas, Uinta

Wallace Scholarship (Park or Big Horn – $750)

Morgan Flitner, Big Horn

Wilbur Brettell (Laramie County – $500)

Kelley Fisher, Laramie

W.D. Whitmire Leadership Scholarship ($500)

Maddy Morgan, Colter Otwell, Campbell; Rebel Rauterkus, Lincoln; Jace Musfelt, Niobrara; Shaylee Little, Sheridan; Landan Doyle, Washakie.

Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply ($500)

Colby Hales, Albany; Dylan Freeman, Laramie; Sarah Peterson, Uinta.

Peterson Scholarship (Crook County – $500)

Kyle Wood, Crook

F.A.I.R. Posse ($500)

Blake Ochsner, Goshen

J.M. Nicholls ($300)

Nicole Goddard, Natrona

Butterfield Scholarship (Washakie County – $300)

Landan Doyle, Washakie

Wyoming Veterinary Sciences ($250)

Carolyn Smylie, Converse