Extension bulletin recommends best forage mixes for Wyoming

            Four years of research at the Sheridan Research and Extension Center have resulted in recommended forage mixes for growing in Wyoming.

University of Wyoming Extension forage specialist Anowar Islam found the best forage is a 50-50 percent mixture of meadow bromegrass with alfalfa, a 50-25-25 percent mixture of meadow bromegrass, alfalfa, and birdsfoot trefoil, and a 70-30 percent mixture of meadow bromegrass with alfalfa.

The details are in Meadow Bromegrass – Legume Mixtures for Diversified and Profitable Hay Production in Wyoming, B-1327.

The bulletin is available for free viewing and download by going to uwyo.edu/uwe and clicking on the “Find a Publication” link. Type the title or number in the search field. The publication is available in pdf, HTML or ePub formats.