Wheat calculator gives bottom-line insight

Harvested wheat field with Devils Tower in background
Harvested wheat field near Devils Tower, Wyoming.

For wheat producers, knowing what price to expect at the mill can be challenging, say University of Wyoming’s Brian Lee and Bridger Feuz. Their UW Extension publication, “Wheat Calculator Gives Bottom-line Insight” (see bit.ly/UWEpubs) introduces a new interactive wheat price calculator available free at bit.ly/WYRanchtools.

The Wyoming Master Stockman Wheat Price Calculator helps producers make marketing decisions based on product characteristics and the premiums and discounts applied by grain cooperatives. The tool can also be used to help decide when to market grain or whether changing practices to improve quality is worth the effort, they say.

Lee is the sustainable agriculture specialist and Feuz the livestock marketing specialist for UW Extension.

The online wheat price calculator allows producers to estimate the cash value of their crop by entering data from test samples. Calculations are based on standard characteristics, such as moisture and protein content and presence of foreign material, live bugs and stones. It calculates price premiums (additions) and discounts (subtractions) based on the quality of the grain. The tool also calculates Wyoming or Nebraska grain taxes.

“The time and effort it takes for essential farm and ranch tasks means things like marketing, economic analysis, and risk management get put on the back burner,” says Feuz. “This is not a reflection of the importance or value producers place on these activities. Producers consistently rate marketing and economic topics as important,” he says.

In response, Feuz, Lee and other UW specialists developed the general budgeting tools, livestock tools and other calculators available at the Wyoming Ranch Tools website. (See bit.ly/WYRanchtools) The purpose is simple, they say: to help producers answer the question, “Will I be better off or worse off if I make a change to my operation?”

For more information, contact Lee at 307-837-2000 or blee@uwyo.edu. Contact Feuz at 307-783-0570 or bmfeuz@uwyo.edu.

“Wheat Calculator Gives Bottom-line Insight” and Wyoming Ranch Tools are among the many how-to guides and tools from UW Extension that help extend skills in cropping, forage, pruning, canning, habitat restoration and more. See bit.ly/UWEpubs.

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