UW Extension bulletin shows ground speed affects desiccant application to alfalfa seed plants

Image of front cover of the bulletin Impacts of sprayer speed on herbicide coverage in desiccation of alfalfa for seed.The ground speed of a sprayer affects the coverage and volume of desiccants applied to alfalfa seed plants regardless of nozzle type, according to a new bulletin from the University of Wyoming Extension.

The information is detailed in “Impacts of Sprayer Speed on Herbicide Coverage in Desiccation of Alfalfa for Seed,” B-1312.

Timely and uniform desiccation of alfalfa seed plants is essential, said Jeremiah Vardiman, UW Extension educator based in Park County and one of the bulletin authors.

Many factors can affect uniform desiccation, including crop canopy, weather conditions, equipment and the active ingredient in a herbicide.

“Since alfalfa grown for seed typically uses contact herbicides for desiccation and the alfalfa plant canopy effects spray coverage, optimizing as much spray coverage as possible is vital to ensure a proper burn down of plants for seed harvest,” said Vardiman.

The bulletin is available for free download by going to uwyo.edu/uwe and clicking on the Find a Publication link and type the title or publication number in the search field. The publication is available in PDF, HTML or ePub formats.

For more information, contact Vardiman at 307-754-8836 or at jvardima@uwyo.edu.