UW, Virginia Tech employ team competition to foster nutrition, activity

Laura Balis

Individuals can step-up fitness levels and increase nutrition by competing in a national program through UW Extension and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

The team environment and online tracking are meant to spur efforts in the FitEx competition April 2-May 27. Registration is at www.fit-ex.org.

UW and Virginia personnel are challenging each other and all county offices, but competition is open to everyone.

The program offers a chance to start setting goals, having an accountability system and improving health for a better well-being, said Laura Balis, UW

Extension nutrition and food safety educator in Fremont County.

“FitEx’s purpose is promoting healthy lifestyles in a fun, challenging way,” she said. “It’s designed to improve the health of everyone by increasing participation in physical activity and eating fruit and vegetables each week.”

The Surgeon General suggests making walking a national priority, she said. Thirty minutes or more moderate physical activity five days a week and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption are the program goals.

Teams of four to eight from ages 5 to older adults are encouraged.
Choose a team name and captain that best represents the team and create individual and team goals for physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption, said Balis. Competitors can track on the FitEx website their daily minutes of physical activity and intake of fruits and vegetables.

The registration fee is $5 and includes weekly newsletters, feedback on goals and friendly competition for motivation, she said.
Contact Balis at 307-332-2363 or at lbalis@uwyo.edu for more information.