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Extension bulletin simplifies Rocky Mountain cheatgrass management

A collaborated bulletin from the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University offers an A-Z approach to understanding and combatting cheatgrass in the Rocky Mountain region.

“In this handbook, we present information that should assist in developing a strategic approach to managing this invasive annual grass,” said bulletin author Brian Mealor, UW Extension weed specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “The framework described here encourages managing an ecological system rather than viewing programs simply from the perspective of killing an undesirable plant.”

“Cheatgrass Management Handbook: Managing an invasive annual grass in the Rocky Mountain region,” B-1251, is available for free download by going to and clicking on Publications on the left-hand side of the page. Type the bulletin title or number in the search field. A hard copy version is available for $10. Click on the bulletin title and the hard copy price will be listed. Click on Request Copy.