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New publication discusses trees that survive Wyoming’s climate

Trees no longer managed by the Cheyenne Horticultural Field Station are the inspiration for a new bulletin suggesting trees to homeowners that will survive Wyoming’s climate.

“Scrappy Trees: Raw and Exposed,” B-1243, discusses 19 of the trees that remain from research conducted during the mid-1930s to early 1950s. When the research focus of the stationchanged in the 1950s, the trees were no longer pruned, but many healthy trees still flourish.

The UW Extension bulletin provides a general description, hardiness, diseases and insects and landscape value for each of the 19 trees, said author Wyatt Feuz.

Feuz is a University of Wyoming Extension technician. Co-authors Bridger Feuz and Hudson Hill are University of Wyoming Extension educators.

The publication is available for free download by going to, clicking on Publications on the left-hand side and typing the publication number in thesearch field. A hardcopy is available for $5. Click on the title, Scrappy Trees: Raw and Exposed, then Bridger Feuz under Hard Copy Price.