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Southeastern Wyoming winter wheat survey available

Bill Stump

Bill Stump

Crop specialists from the University of Wyoming visited field sites in southeastern Wyoming to assess winter wheat health in June.

Wendy Cecil, Jack Cecil and William Stump performed assessments of general health and pest levels in wheat crops in Laramie, Goshen and Platte counties. The evaluations revealed a generally healthy crop suffering setbacks due to drought and high wind conditions. Water restrictions are the largest limiting factor to production and may cause depressed yields this year, they said.

Russian wheat aphids, wheat stem saw fly and Hessian fly were observed in some of the fields, but none should cause significant economic impacts, the specialists said.

Wendy Cecil is a research associate and Stump is a research scientist in the Department of Plant Sciences, and Jack Cecil works for Wyoming Seed Certification – all in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


A complete report is available upon request. For more information, contact Stump at 307-766-2062.