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Wyoming State 4-H Foundation awards $62,000 in scholarships

        Scholarships totaling $62,000 have been awarded to 4-H youths attending the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college by the Wyoming State 4-H Foundation for the next school year, according to foundation director Steve Mack.

First-time recipients received $27,000 in scholarships, he said.

Scholarship amounts can increase dependent upon scholarship progress and grade point averages.

First-time recipients by scholarship and county are:

Ella E. Schloredt ($1,750)

Shyann Lucas, Teton; Mackenzie McCoy, Natrona; Zachary Stephen, Niobrara; Aleighica Keeran, Goshen; Atussa Niswender, Albany; Kyle Brimeyer, Teton

Wyoming 4-H Foundation ($1,250)

Micayla Crimmins, Carbon; Erin Gorman, Campbell

Lael Harrison ($1,000)

Breanna Farley, Converse; McKenna Brinton, Teton

Janie Smith (Laramie County – $1,000)

Timothy Boltz, Laramie

Farmhouse Foundation ($1,000)

Tyler Faircloth, Platte

Edna Mae and Wallace McClaflin ($1,000)

Nathan Kane, Sheridan

Wallace Scholarship (Park or Big Horn – $750)

Madison Koster, Park

Wilbur Brettell (Laramie County – $500)

Breanna Foley, Laramie

Underwood (Albany County – $500)

William Wood, Albany

Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply ($1,250)

Jamie Lucas, Teton; Hailie Pragnell, Goshen; Stephanie Schroeder, Converse; Whitley Beard, Teton

Peterson Scholarship (Crook County – $500)

Korina Ike, Crook

F.A.I.R. Posse ($500)

Katlin Pittman, Lincoln

J.M. Nicholls ($300)

Ramsey Sinn, Washakie

Butterfield Scholarship (Washakie County – $300)

Ramsey Sinn, Washakie

Wyoming Veterinary Sciences ($250)

Kaitlin Gaukel, Niobrara

Johnson County 4-H Scholarship in Honor of Bonnie Ellenwood ($500)

Misty Ballek, Johnson

“The Ella E. Schloredt past winners are eligible, with a grade point of at least 3.0 and meeting academic progress, to continue receiving this scholarship for up to four years,” Mack said. “Sixteen continuing scholarships were awarded this year ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 for the fall of 2014 academic year.”

Ella E. Schloredt continuing awards by county are: Kaylyn Bohnson, Campbell; Andrew Carpenter, Goshen; Ethan Dirks, Crook; John Lee, Fremont; Jenny Beiermann, Sublette; Jacob Berg, Laramie; McKensie Harris, Laramie; Shelby Kindsvater, Laramie; Nikki Marincic, Sublette; Landan Doyle, Washakie; Hannah Gorman, Campbell; Alexandra Howell, Goshen; Jordan Largent, Johnson; and Taylor Wollert, Goshen