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4-H Rabbit Camp and Judging Meet hops into Albany County

Youths who attend a rabbit and cavy confab April 20 in Laramie will learn how to prepare for entering their rabbits and guinea pigs in judging competitions and meets, can attend hands-on workshops and meet other enthusiasts.

Albany County 4-H and the Wyoming Rabbit Judging Team are sponsoring a Rabbit Camp and Judging Meet at the Albany County Fairgrounds.

“We are quite excited,” said Mary Louise Wood, extension educator in Albany County. “To make the trip worthwhile for the Colorado youths, we decided to offer the rabbit camp along with the judging meet.”

Registration starts 9:30a.m. Saturday, April 20; workshops resume 8:30 a.m. Sunday, April 21. Cost is $10 for the judging meet only on Saturday and $45 for the full rabbit camp.

Advance registration is required. Lunch for Saturday is available as a preorder on the registration form; rabbit camp fees include dinner and breakfast.

Entry forms and meal orders are due by 5 p.m. Monday, April 1.

“All Wyoming and Colorado 4-H youths with an interest in continuing to expand their knowledge of rabbits and cavies should plan to attend,” said Jami Salo, coach of the Wyoming Rabbit Judging Team and a 4-H leader. “Activities will be age appropriate for 8-18 year olds and from the first-year member to the senior member. With the amount of experienced adults who will be around, I am sure no kid with an interest in rabbits will find a dull moment.”

Free accommodations are available in the Activities Building at the fairgrounds for the night of April 20. Low-cost accommodations are also available at local hotels.

All 4-H Rabbit Project members in Wyoming and rabbit judging teams in Wyoming and Colorado (priority placement), and rabbit project members in Colorado and Nebraska are eligible.

“We will be sharing information that is relevant to all levels of youth breeders beginning with the first year of ownership through the advanced breeder,” said Wood.

Activities include a judging competition, breed identification, written test and Primetime Live!

“Primetime Live is our version of an evening game show,” said Salo. “We will create teams from the individuals who want to participate on two different age levels. It will include a speed round and championship round. The questions will cover basic rabbit and cavy knowledge.”

Workshop topics are Full Arch Breeds, Recycled Poo, First Aid and Disease Control, Record Keeping, Preparing for Convention Competitions, Critique Cuts and Cage Building. All workshop choices are due to Albany County 4-H by 5 p.m. Friday April 5.

“Once the workshop schedule is determined, we will be contacting each agent or coach to collect the individual youth’s choices for workshops,” said Wood.

Email Salo at or contact local extension offices for entry forms; entries, meal orders and workshop choices can be emailed to Salo or faxed to the Albany County Extension Office at 307-742-4228. For more information, call Salo at 307-760-2063.