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UW educator lists grain bin resources for malt, barley, sunflowers

Malt barley and confectionary sunflower seed production is spurring interest among Wyoming producers in grain bins, said a University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service educator in Park County.

Sandra Frost has listed resources producers can access for grain bin information.

“A malt barley contractor is now requiring on-farm storage of a percentage of the crop, and confectionary sunflower seed producers need to hold the crop after harvest until the contractor picks it up,” said Frost, who specializes in crops. “A possible third factor may be a switch to wheat production in an effort to capture the current high value of wheat.”

Cooperative Extension Service materials are available online detailing management of natural air/low temperature crop drying and with equilibrium moisture content charts for different crops, she said.

Grain in bins can be dried two basic ways: either with natural ambient air or with forced hot air. Wyoming’s low relative humidity allows producers to efficiently dry crops with natural.

Frost lists as possible resources:

  • Natural air/low temperature crop drying, Extension Bulletin 35 (revised) by Kenneth J. Hellevang, extension agricultural engineer at North Dakota State University. Equilibrium moisture charts for wheat, barley and corn are included. The publication is at the bottom of the section entitled Grain Drying and Storage Publications at
  • The North Dakota State University Institute of Barley and Malt Sciences has Harvesting, Drying, and Storing Malting Barley by Hellevang and associated authors, who discuss natural air drying of malt barley. Go to, click on Barley, then Production on the left-hand side, then on Harvesting and Storage.
  • Allowable storage time malting barley is a chart describing the number of days malting barley can be in storage based on temperature and germinability. The chart is at under Grain Drying and Storage Publications.

Hellevang has also created an equilibrium moisture content chart confectionery sunflowers producers may use to guide bin operations, said Frost. Grain Equilibrium Moisture Content Charts is at the bottom of the section entitled Grain Drying and Storage Publications at

For more information, contact Frost at (307) 754-8836 or


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