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>Landscaping Tips: Salt and pH levels in soil important factors in landscaping

By Kelli Belden, Research associate and director, UW Soil Testing Laboratory

Wyoming soils frequently have high pH measurements and high levels of soluble salts. If a gardener or landscaper chooses plants that do not tolerate the pH or salt levels present in the soil, the plants will not thrive and sometimes will die. A standard soil test will identify either of these conditions. Continue reading

Sublette Community Partnership has civic leaders, energy representatives addressing issues

With several sets of wheels slowly turning, the white, broad-shouldered behemoth lumbered its way east on Highway 191 through the heart of Pinedale.

Cars, pickups, and trucks pulling flatbed trailers patiently lined up behind the muscular gasfield vehicle hugging the lane nearest the curb, its weight sending vibrations felt on sidewalks of the darn-near-to-Jackson town nestled in front of the spectacular snow-capped Wind River Mountains. Continue reading