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New UW extension service bulletin describes root weevils in Wyoming yards

Are there notches zippered around the edges of leaves on garden shrubs, vines and other plants?

Are they being nibbled by leaf-cutting bees – or something else?

The bites could be from the black vine weevil or other root weevils chewing on leaves. A new bulletin, Black Vine Weevil and Other Root Weevils in Wyoming Gardens, B-1176, provides descriptions of various root weevils and controls. It is available for free download at

The bulletin was written by Alexandre Latchininsky, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service entomologist and assistant professor in the College of Agriculture’s Department of Renewable Resources, and Scott Schell, assistant extension entomologist and research associate in the department.

“Frequently, gardeners notice just the damage to their plants but not the culprit,” said Latchininsky. “It is the case with leaf-cutting bees because they do their damage very quickly and with black vine weevils because they are nocturnal. Knowing which pest did the damage is essential for choosing a management option.”

Latchininsky and Schell wrote the bulletin because they had received numerous calls regarding black vine weevils.

Black vine weevils and the strawberry and rough strawberry root weevils are well established in most Wyoming areas, said Schell, and control will be an annual task, especially for new plantings.

Copies are available on an on-demand basis. Those interested can obtain pricing information by e-mailing the College of Agriculture’s Resource Center at, calling the center at (307) 766-2115, or writing to the University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture, Department 3313, 1000 E. University Ave., Laramie, WY 82071.

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